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If you own a restaurant, saving lots of money and the life of that restaurant can come down to taking cleaning and maintenance seriously. One of the most critical aspects of restaurant maintenance is compliance with the NFPA #96 standards for kitchen hood and exhaust cleaning.

Because this is such an important service, it’s best to go with the most reputable cleaning company rather than one offering the lowest bid. Experience and attention to detail are necessary for effective and safe kitchen hood and exhaust maintenance for several reasons:

1) Staying compliant with fire codes and keeping inspectors off your back
2) Preventing fire from spreading through a duct and onto the roof
3) Keeping your restaurant environment safe for patrons and employees
4) Providing clean, odor-free air for patrons and employees through proper airflow in your kitchen
5) Maintaining your reputation for quality
6) Improved health standards
7) Minimized product contamination
8) Energy cost savings
9) Improved government ratings
10) Boost to public image

This type of cleaning should go far above and beyond just cleaning visible grease and residue. When choosing your kitchen hood cleaning company, make sure they will provide the following level of service:

1) Removal of filters for proper cleaning of plenum walls, filter frames and fire suppression equipment
2) Scraping and brushing interior surfaces of all ductwork
3) Hot, high-pressure washing of all fan blades and other fan components
4) Thorough louver and damper cleaning
5) Proper replacement of filters and dampers to their original positions
6) Checking for any possible system blockage
7) Placement of a decal on your kitchen hood(s) showing proof of service to inspectors

Restaurant Hood Cleaning – Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning

Commercial Kitchen Hood Cleaning in Maryland, DC and Virginia Lower the risk of fire in your restaurants kitchen by frequent removal of grease from the oven and grill hood exhaust.   All Clean Inc provides hood cleaning for restaurants throughout Maryland, Washington DC and Northern Virginia. A restaurant has to meet higher air quality standards […]

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