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Some Helpful Floor Cleaning Tips

Cleaning is important to the durability of your floors. Now days, there are several types of flooring available in the market. Each specific type of flooring has its own cleaning measures.

Hardwood floor:

Like any type of flooring, if they are not maintained they will deteriorate much quicker. However, they are not difficult to look after. Here are some basic tips to keep your hardwood floors looking beautiful:

Sweep frequently with soft bristled broom

Vacuum with soft brush a couple of times a week

In high traffic areas consider placing carpet runners to reduce wear and tear

Vacuum runners frequently

Mop spills immediately as liquids and wood floors do not mix

Avoid wearing high heels on floors

Do not drag heavy objects across floor

At each entrance there should be floor mats to prevent dirt and grit from getting tracked across the floor as best as possible

All furniture should have pads under each leg

If you have a new floor installed, find out the hardwood floor cleaning and maintenance tips from the manufacturer or installer. Hardwood is finished with different products. These products include:




Vinyl Flooring:

Vinyl is a commonly used type of flooring.

It is also one of the common types of flooring which is easy to clean.

Most floor cleaners’ tip is to simply polish vinyl flooring with floor maps washed or dipped in soap and water. There are ready-mixes of cleaning solution made especially for.

Wood flooring:

Cleaning depends on the type of wood your floor is made of.

•Generally, it is recommended for you to use a mild alkaline solution.

Most importantly, you should not forget to rinse your wood flooring with water after you have applied cleaning solution into it.

By doing so, water absorption of the wood will be prevented that will make your flooring last.

Ceramic type of flooring:

Like wood flooring, meticulous water rinsing is also needed if you have.

This is a must undertaking especially if you will be using acid-based cleaning solution. The acid-based solutions attack grout, which weaken the ceramic type of flooring.

Marble flooring:

If acid-base solution is apt with ceramic flooring, it is not recommended with natural marble.

Floor cleaning solutions, which are acid-based, weaken marble that will result to damage flooring.

Alkaline lightens the color of marble flooring. Too much use of alkaline cleaning solutions can also bring negative effects.

Rugs and Carpets Floorings:

It is a known fact that everyone and then you accidentally drop or spill liquids on them. Later if you have managed to clean or wipe up the spills, you will have forgotten about it, thinking that all is well because you don’t see any stains. What you do not know is that mold and mildew thrive on damp surroundings and if you are not careful with the drying up after cleaning then your house may eventually get carpet mold and mildew.

Once you have discovered the presence of mold and mildew in your carpets, it is essential that you immediately remove these disease-causing organisms.




Mold and mildew have been known to cause allergic attacks and may even damage your lungs and other internal organs. You also have to be careful in picking out the right products for removing mold and mildew because ordinary mold and mildewkillers contain harsh and toxic materials that are not exactly safe for handling.

Always make sure that the products you buy do not give off chemicals that might pollute the environment not to mention endanger the well-being of your loved ones.

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